Video Surveillance Requirements in an Office Setup (Keyword 8)

Video Surveillance Requirements in an Office Setup (Keyword 8)

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When you think about offices, you feel that there may not be much of a security concern in corporate premises. As there as there are so many people around all the time, why and how would a burglar come and steal anything? The offices are also well-secured at night and adequate protection seems to be provided, but we do not realize the kind of risk an office faces. Apart from losing physical products and equipment, offices face what are known as cyber security concerns. Even at home, we face this now, but this is at a much larger scale in offices.

To combat such concerns, along with providing all-round security, a CCTV surveillance system proves to be very helpful. This is how a CCTV in your office can help your business:

Protection of Employees and Visiting Clientele

These two are the primary pillars of your business and it is important to keep them safe and secure. With a camera installed in the lobby of your office, you can ensure their safety and that of their personal belongings

Prevention of Theft

This theft could be of the physical type and that of the data. A surveillance camera captures the activities of all employees and any suspicious activities by them can be investigated. With support from other security measures, theft of data can also be avoided.

Ease of Installation

You can use a combination of the different types of cameras available to provide maximum coverage. You will need to have the knowledge of wiring for the same. Alternatively, you can have a network of IP cameras in all the key areas of the office. This is very easy to install and operate. You must pay special attention to the parts where sensitive information is stored and might want to install a concealed camera as well.

Wide Coverage of Spaces

The cameras, if planned properly, can provide you a coverage of maximum area with minimum number of units. You must ensure that the cameras are placed such that they get a wide-angle view. They should not be obstructed by pillars and decorations. Care must be taken to ensure that the cameras do not cover areas that could constitute invasion of privacy.

The security concerns in an office can be easily handled if you have a multi-layer system in place; not missing out the cameras is important. A system to prevent unauthorized entry must also be in place in offices. The requirements of the system will depend on a variety of factors, including the location and size of the office, the ownership status, the number of employees, number of cabins/cubicles, the type of business and the kind of goods kept within the premises.

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